ATS is a talent / variety show and competition where the winner is decided by how much money they raise from the audience. The audience members vote for their favorite act by coming forward and placing money in the performer(s) hat. In the end the act that raises the most is the winner.

We are asking that each corps try to come prepared to perform one item either as a group or featuring one or more members of your contingent. More than one act is welcome from each corps but we can only accept as many items as time permits. All types of performances are welcome (ie. Singing, instrumentalists, dance or mime, spoken word/rap, comedy, stupid human tricks or feats of human endurance, drama, etc.) The following are the guidelines for all participants:

  • All acts should be in good taste and in keeping with a Christian environment.
  • All vocal, spoken word/rap should be God glorifying in nature.
  • All dance or mine should be performed to Christian or Christian themed music.
  • All acts should be a maximum of 3mins in length.


While all funds raised will go towards the FUSE our FUNDS campaign, there will be a prize for the winning performer(s). Creativity and crowd-pleasing will be the order of the day so start preparing now. And if you think you have what it takes to win it all you better have a second act up your sleeve just in case.

Fill this participation form to let us know what you will be doing.

ATS Participation Form



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